The beginning of the end

Every thing must have a beginning … and that beginning must be linked to something that went before.
      – Mary Shelley

Where to start…

I suppose my story starts like many people who decide to go on this crazy journey of self discovery, recovery, and madness. I just got tired of feeling like I was carrying around an extra person.

So, as of the 11th I am a month away from my surgery date. I am having crazy feelings about food and how this surgery is going to affect my life going forward. I catch myself thinking about foods that I want to eat before surgery like I’m a person on my death bed who is never going to be able to live again!

I guess this is just a big hello to the world and community out there. I am super excited to be doing this and really interested to hear from others who have gone through this surgery or are about to go down the same path as me.

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